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Hi, I’m Katie, the Organic Makeup Girl. This blog is focused on beauty products that I have used. I admit, makeup is a little obsession of mine. In addition to this adoration, I’m interested in internal beauty and overall health. After quite a bit of personal research, I was shocked to discover that a great deal of beauty products are comprised of ingredients that are linked to disease and illness. When selecting products I try to keep this in mind, and refer to the Cosmetic Database frequently to assess the safety of products that I use and recommend. Therefore, my view on makeup is similar to my take on food: when organic is viable option, go for it. Enjoy my posts!


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  1. Hi Pat!
    Thanks for your comment & question! :] I have used several Clinique products myself. I use the Cosmetic Database whenever I am trying to figure out the safety of a product. When I search for Clinique, approximately 10 current products come up. These range form a 2-7 (with 0 being the best score and 10 being the worst). With that being said, however, the only product that is a 7 on that site is their perfume, Clinique Happy. I use the dramatically different moisturizing lotion several times a week, and this was rated a 4. Hope this helps!

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