Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish

Simply¬†Fabulous. The Buxom lip glosses are long-wearing, and super shiny. The gloss is infused with minerals and antioxidants. As a “lip plumping” gloss, your lips feel a bit tingly and cool when you apply it. I think this feels refreshing.

The range of colors that this gloss comes in is fabulous – nudes, brights, darks & shimmers. The names of the colors are fun and reminiscent of Zoya nail polishses (which are all girls names too).

The gloss can be worn alone or layered over a lip stain, lipstick or a neutral lip pencil. My favorite shades are Katie and Dolly. Dolly is probably more versatile but Katie is perfect with a smokey eye.

I get my lip polishes at Sephora, and they are $18.00/gloss. The quality of the product is awesome and I definitely recommend checking them out. :]


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