How to: Cancel your WoW Membership

They blocked me on facebook… oh well, so YAY! If you are reading this I assume it is because you have had made the intelligent decision to ditch Work Out World! Although the process to cancel is annoying, it will be worth it in the end because you will no longer have to deal with this terrible leech of a company.

(This is just an aside, are they seriously advertising their stupid car magnets on billboards now?! Free car magnets?? Really, is that what people WANT out of a gym? Wow…)

As for your escape plan: You have two options…

1. You can conveniently click here: OR you can do it the long way… which is what I had to do…

a. Go to and click the yellow button “I’m not a member yet” – I know, I know, you’re a member but this is the only way around making a myWow username and password. Afterall, you are leaving them, a login will be useless to you!

b. Click Site Map (it should be on the top right side of the screen).

c. Click Cancellation Instructions (listed underneath Other on this section of the website). Download the cancellation instructions.

2. Print the Cancellation Instructions, fill out this form, and mail it CERTIFIED MAIL (how annoying – they claim it is for your protection…sigh) to: WoW Work Out World Attn: Membership Cancellation 1800 Route 34 North Building 4, Suite 402 Wall, NJ  07719

3. Wait for them to approve your cancellation (Lol! Who is the customer here? Oh, right, your members… that you treat like rubbish, okay, got it…) Here is what the cancellation instructions read:

Cancellation Policy The terms & conditions of your Membership Contract must  be  fulfilled  and your  account must be in good standing in order for your cancellation to be approved.  You must give WoW FuIl Notice of you  request  to  cancel, known as your Cancellation Notification Period. You are  responsible  for  paying your monthly  dues  and  any  late  feesduring your Cancellation Notification Period.You must fulfill the minimum required  Contract  Term  of  your membership in order  for your cancellation to be approved.   Any months during  your Contract  Term  that  youplaced  your  membership  on “Freeze” do not count towards  fulfilling  your required Contract Term.

I see a little problem. I have to give Wow notice of requesting to cancel… so then I enter a cancellation notification period, during which I still have to pay them. Where does it say how long this cancellation period will last? Yup, that’s right, it doesn’t! Don’t worry… I emailed them… I should hear back about my cancellation request in 7-10 business days.

Hmm.. the next piece of the document sort of makes me nervous. It says:

I understand that the terms & conditions of my original Membership Agreement must be fulfilled in order to  be eligible for cancellation and that this form must be reviewed & approved by a WoW Contract Administrator.  If  approved, I understand that my Cancellation Notification Period will start on the  1st of the next month from the date my request to cancel was received via Registered or Certified US Mail by WoW.

So the cancellation period will start on the 1st of the next month, so obviously they are robbing you of more membership fees, but when will this cancellation period end? I think this document needs some amending, do you?!

Okay, I hope this helped you in your WOW cancellation endeavor. Good luck! :)


And finally, WOW… doin JERSEY WRONG!


3 thoughts on “How to: Cancel your WoW Membership”

  1. This is pretty awesome, and necessary. Dealing with this company is always a pain in the ass. One other hint that worked for me (as a way to avoid paying your full membership fee during your B.S. “Cancellation Notification Period”): Put a “freeze” on your account. You can do this through the WoW website (without logging in, I believe), and, unlike asking for a cancellation, they get back to you very quickly (I have done this multiple times). Every time I have “frozen” my account, I have not had to pay my monthly dues, which makes it convenient when waiting for them to cancel your account.

    So, to sum it up, freeze your account, then go through the cancellation process. This will save you a lot of money and frustration. And as an added bonus, you won’t have to deal with the guidos in muscle shirts hanging out around their outrageously overpriced smoothie bar talking about their prodigious consumption of whey protein.

  2. Work Out World Sucks!

    Thankfully I never gave them my social security number during signing up. As mentioned by C. Bartman, the “I pickitup n putitdown” guido pressured a lot to get my social security number.

    This Work Out World is a scam business. I have complained to the New Jersey Attorney General. Hopefully enough customers complain so that Work Out World closes its door scaming memebers.

  3. The scam continues! I am going through the same experience. They continued to charge my AMEX without authorization, so I’ve had AMEX discontinue them as a payee. If that doesn’t work, I’ll cancel my AMEX account, but I don’t think AMEX will let me down.

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