Review: EcoTools Brushes

EcoTools brushes are amazing!

Most of my makeup brushes are EcoTools (I think I have at least one of every brush they sell!). I also have some Ms. Makeup brand brushes-which are sold by Paris Presents, the same company that sells EcoTools.

If I am at a store and I see these brushes then I need to buy them! Here are some of the reasons why EcoTools brushes are in my makeup brush collection right now:

-These brushes are incredibly SOFT. I especially love the way the kabuki brush feels on my skin!

-Cost: inexpensive. In terms of price, these brushes are all very reasonable. Both individual brushes and brush kits are available for you to purchase. I enjoy both varieties-I keep the individual brushes in my room and the brush kits are usually in my makeup bag.

-EcoTools brushes come in recyclable packaging

-Brush handles are made of bamboo, a renewable and sustainable plant source

-Synthetic bristles = no animal cruelty

-EcoTools is a member of 1% for the planet (1% of annual sales will be donated to environmental organizations)

-EcoTools brushes are easily washable, durable, and efficient.

I use most of the EcoTools makeup brushes on a daily basis, including: the mini brushes (for eyes/lips), the foundation brush, the powder brush, the retractable kabuki brush, and the eye shading brush.

The mini brushes came in a package of  brushes. I use these little ones for precisely applying lip gloss. Sometimes I will use the mini brushes on my eyelids for applying a highlighter on my brow bones and inner corners (of my eyes).  The powder brush is great for both loose and pressed powder. Bronzer can be applied easily with the kabuki brush, it helps to create a balanced appearance. I use the eye shading brush for applying dark colors and also occasionally for blending.

These brushes are fabulous and you should buy them for your brush collection. I have added some EcoTools favorites to Katie’s picks, check them out at  Try starting a mini collection with one of the 5 or 6 piece EcoTools brush kits if you would like (that is how I got started with them)!  Then, purchase your favorites in the larger size or stock up on the brush kits.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy using these brushes as much as I do!

Review: Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Tinted Bronzer


I love the sound of this product: a natural, liquid bronzer with no synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colors, no parabens, and 84% organic. Sounds great right? (I thought so too!)

Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Liquid Bronzer is incredibly disappointing. I purchased this product in the shade Light Skin (it comes in three shades: fair skin, light skin and medium skin).

I was not immediatly impressed with it upon my initial uses. However, I did try to like it. After about a week of attempting to make it work for me, I decided that it was a hopeless endeavor.

What I was looking for: a healthy-looking, bronzed glow

What I got: an oily, unpleasant sheen

Some other unimpressive aspects about this product:

-the scent (I generally enjoy the smell of natural and organic products, they seem to smell earthy, like understated florals mixed with dirt or something. If you know what I am talking about, how would you describe it?!) The tinted bronzer smelled awful! And the scent did not dissipate, it sort of stuck with me all day, constantly reminding me that it was on my face… (*Even my boyfriend commented on the scent-how embarassing! He was not a fan of it either.)

-the price: too expensive

-my advice: skip this product!

If you need to get a bronze glow: try applying your favorite moisturizer (let it dry for about 3 minutes-I am obsessed with Burt’s Bees radiance day and night cremes) then gently sweep some bronzer over your forehead, temples, nose, cheeks and chin. Then, blend it all out with a clean kabuki brush. Your skin will look healthy and natural.

Review: Lavera Lipgloss


I love lip gloss, and lip products in general. I always find myself buying new lip glosses and balms. (I bought a Yes to Carrots lip balm in berry today and I can’t wait to try it!) Anyways, it doesn’t matter if I need it or not-if I see it & want to try it, I am so buying it!

Since I have a lot of  lip products, I often find that I buy one, use it for a week or so, then forget about it. It is rare that I find one that is awesome but when I do- I keep it with me…like it is always in a pocket of the jeans I am wearing or in my purse or makeup bag.

Lavera Lipgloss Trend in No. 4 is fabulous! It is one of those lip products that I find myself reaching for over and over again. It is a clear gloss with a distinctive, gorgeous gold shimmer. I personally enjoy wearing it alone on my lips or on top of my Badger balm. However, since it is clear and shimmery, it would look perfect on top of your favorite lipstick.

There are so many great things about this gloss:

*looks & smells GREAT


*made with organic jojoba

*It contains NO synthetic preservatives, perfumes, colorants or mineral oil  (Awesome!)

*Not tested on animals

I especially love this product because I think it is a great holiday pick. The clear with gold shimmer is so pretty and wearable for everyone. Try it out for yourself, or make it a gift!

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