How to: Cancel your WoW Membership

They blocked me on facebook… oh well, so YAY! If you are reading this I assume it is because you have had made the intelligent decision to ditch Work Out World! Although the process to cancel is annoying, it will be worth it in the end because you will no longer have to deal with this terrible leech of a company.

(This is just an aside, are they seriously advertising their stupid car magnets on billboards now?! Free car magnets?? Really, is that what people WANT out of a gym? Wow…)

As for your escape plan: You have two options…

1. You can conveniently click here: OR you can do it the long way… which is what I had to do…

a. Go to and click the yellow button “I’m not a member yet” – I know, I know, you’re a member but this is the only way around making a myWow username and password. Afterall, you are leaving them, a login will be useless to you!

b. Click Site Map (it should be on the top right side of the screen).

c. Click Cancellation Instructions (listed underneath Other on this section of the website). Download the cancellation instructions.

2. Print the Cancellation Instructions, fill out this form, and mail it CERTIFIED MAIL (how annoying – they claim it is for your protection…sigh) to: WoW Work Out World Attn: Membership Cancellation 1800 Route 34 North Building 4, Suite 402 Wall, NJ  07719

3. Wait for them to approve your cancellation (Lol! Who is the customer here? Oh, right, your members… that you treat like rubbish, okay, got it…) Here is what the cancellation instructions read:

Cancellation Policy The terms & conditions of your Membership Contract must  be  fulfilled  and your  account must be in good standing in order for your cancellation to be approved.  You must give WoW FuIl Notice of you  request  to  cancel, known as your Cancellation Notification Period. You are  responsible  for  paying your monthly  dues  and  any  late  feesduring your Cancellation Notification Period.You must fulfill the minimum required  Contract  Term  of  your membership in order  for your cancellation to be approved.   Any months during  your Contract  Term  that  youplaced  your  membership  on “Freeze” do not count towards  fulfilling  your required Contract Term.

I see a little problem. I have to give Wow notice of requesting to cancel… so then I enter a cancellation notification period, during which I still have to pay them. Where does it say how long this cancellation period will last? Yup, that’s right, it doesn’t! Don’t worry… I emailed them… I should hear back about my cancellation request in 7-10 business days.

Hmm.. the next piece of the document sort of makes me nervous. It says:

I understand that the terms & conditions of my original Membership Agreement must be fulfilled in order to  be eligible for cancellation and that this form must be reviewed & approved by a WoW Contract Administrator.  If  approved, I understand that my Cancellation Notification Period will start on the  1st of the next month from the date my request to cancel was received via Registered or Certified US Mail by WoW.

So the cancellation period will start on the 1st of the next month, so obviously they are robbing you of more membership fees, but when will this cancellation period end? I think this document needs some amending, do you?!

Okay, I hope this helped you in your WOW cancellation endeavor. Good luck! :)


And finally, WOW… doin JERSEY WRONG!


Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Sheer Tint Anti-Dark-Circle Roller

This rollerball by Garnier was designed to decrease dark circles underneath your eyes. Caffeine is an ingredient in the formula that is supposed to lessen puffiness. The product is tinted and very sheer, and costs approximately $13.00. I think that it is a good option for anyone who has puffy eyes or barely noticeable dark circles. Someone with very dark circles could enjoy using this product too, however, I might recommend a traditional concealer layered on top.

I have been using this product daily. I usually apply it several minutes before applying makeup/moisturizers. I roll it on, let it sit for a minute and then gently dab it into the skin with my ring finger. I like the consistency of the product, and think that it is fun to use.

I know there are other varieties of the Garnier rollerball and although I haven’t tried them, I would definitely be interested. Let me know what you think!



NYX Candy Glitter Liner

NYX glitter liner is the best. My favorite color is French Champagne. I enjoy layering it on top of eyeliner and eyeshadow to look sparkly and festive. This can be applied modestly as a thin line of glitter, or it can be patted all over the lid for a super glittery and glamorous look. There is very little fallout (onto the cheeks) and the product does not crease (if you allow it to dry properly). It is long-lasting and can be easily applied with the convenient wand and brush that is included. The liner is hypoallergenic and cruelty free. (Just a friendly little side note: I wear contact lenses and have not had a problem with using this glitter liner while wearing my contacts!)

I own four colors and they are pictured below, French Champagne, Silver, Gold, and Crystal. I purchased these at my favorite local shop, Lux Beauty Store in Red Bank, NJ. They were quite inexpensive, only $3.49 each which is why I can justify owning 4! :)



The integration of this product into your makeup and beauty routine is seemingly endless. It could be applied to your hair to give your lovely locks a bit of sparkle. Also, you might try dabbing it on the upper part of your cheek bone to highlight and accent your face. I’ve seen it used to add some sparkle to the lips by dabbing it on top of lipstick and lipgloss. You could massage it onto the shoulders or back to add some fun and glitter to a sleeveless top. What other uses for this glitter liner can you think of?

Love NYX glitter liners!



Makeup Organization

I have completely revamped and organized my makeup collection.  My goal was to have more of my products in sight so I could make better selections when I am doing my own makeup, or makeup for a client. I am loving the new setup so far! Here is a (very) brief tour:

I tried to group similar products and to make everything as visible and accessible as possible. Let me know how you organize your makeup and what you think of the setup by commenting. Hope you like it!




Urban Decay Stardust

The Urban Decay Stardust Sparkling Lipglosses are amazing. I own two: Andromeda (pictured) and Space Cowboy. The gloss itself is minty, long lasting, and complementary to any lipstick/lipstain that you want to layer it on top of. The product costs $19.00 on Urban Decay and at Sephora.

For me, the best part about this gloss is the smoothness. That, combined with the high amount of sparkle equals a great product and a new favorite. It is all too often that I purchase a sparkly lip gloss and toss it aside because of a gritty glittery texture. This is not a problem with the Stardust products. Even the Stardust eyeshadows are soft and smooth.

I’m really enjoying this product, if you think that you might too check it out at,default,pd.html.



Work Out World

I was warned but decided to join WOW anyways. And so, the saga ensues…

Being a member of Work Out World is akin to torture. Once you belong to this gym all of their sneaky little business tactics become wildly apparent. In case you are considering a membership, here is a list of things that should to deter you from joining:

1. Group Classes (such as Boot Camp) are taken off the schedule and reinstated as programs that require payment (which, I should add, is more than double a monthly membership fee)

2. All of the saunas have recently closed (until further notice)

3. It is nearly impossible to cancel a membership (you must send a form via certified mail, enter a cancellation period, and hope that your cancellation request is granted all while you continue to pay their monthly fee)

4. The facilities are often packed during peak hours; it is difficult to find space in classes, and equipment to use

5. You must now create a username and password on myWow to log in and get class schedules (they were previously available online)

6. Although bringing a guest to workout is an option included in your membership, this is truly just a sales pitch and gym tour, which is really inconvenient and has led to many missed classes (also, your guest’s license will be held hostage while you workout)

7. Parking at most of the locations is difficult to come by during peak hours as well (which is not fun during inclement weather)

8. All customer service requests are handled online (forget about speaking to anyone in person or on the phone)

Don’t let them lure you in. Jersey can be strong without the trap of WOW.



If you love love love to try out new products, continue reading! If you continuously purchase your standby or go-to products, continue reading! Birchbox is GREAT for everyone! So, I saw a tiny article in a magazine about Birchbox and was immediately intrigued. Here is the deal: you get 4-5 sample beauty products conveniently mailed in a pretty little box to your doorstep 1x per month for a $10 (per month). Incredible!!!  As soon as I read this, I fled from my comfortable little tanning spot on the deck to my laptop where I logged onto and signed up.

My very first birchbox arrived with  my mail yesterday.

Reasons why I am already loving birchbox:

+ the birchbox arrived earlier than I anticipated (was supposed to get it on the 10th, it came on the 8th! *However, this might not always be the case depending on where you live!*)

+ the products within are well varied (from makeup products to skincare)

+the packaging is adorable (such a treat to break into a little gift for no reason at all!)

+so far, the products within are of impeccable quality


So, you might be wondering, what actually came in the box?! A total of 5 products: Laura Geller Blush-N-Brighten Makeup, a perfume sample of Kate Spade Twirl, a sample of Weleda Smoothing Facial Lotion in Wild Rose, Molecular Mist by Sircuit Skin Cosmeceuticals (This sounds way too scientific!… What do you think?), and two Deborah Lippmann lavendar nail lacquer remover finger mit packets. I am enjoying the blush/bronzer and perfume sample so far. I am trying to pace myself and not test out all of the products in one day, although I am tempted to. :)

Bottom line with this product: if you are not signed up, you are missing out! It is an awesome deal and at $10.00, quite the steal! Haha, so lame, I know… :) Sign up and then let me know what you think @




Origins VitaZing

So many great things can be said about this product! Before I get to them, let me start off by explaining exactly what this product is because you have never seen anything like it before. Seriously! This is a moisturizing lotion that is oil-free with SPF 15.

Initially, when squeezed out of the tube, the lotion appears white. However, when it is rubbed and blended into the skin, it adds an incredible glow, and offers an effect similar to the results you might get from using a tinted moisturizer.

I love the results that I get from using VitaZing and in my opinion, my skin looks more radiant when I use this instead of my other face products. So, you might be wondering, what is so special about VitaZing?

1. It is an awesome substitute for foundation. The lotion goes on smoothly, blends in  completely and provides a great base for additional makeup.

2. One lotion fits all skin types. Anyone can use this lotion! VitaZing eliminates the necessity to match your skin to a foundation. This is especially important to me during the summer months when I tend to need foundations and face products that are a bit darker to suit sun-kissed skin.

3. A little goes a long way. You do not need a palm full of VitaZing to achieve a pretty glow! Dot the product on cheeks, chin and forehead, blend in with you fingertips and you are good to go. 

4. You skin will look like it is literally glowing. In my opinion this is perfect for anyone who cannot get outside! It will make you look like you just returned from a sunny vacation.

5. SPF 15 is a plus.

6. Oil-free formula makes it suitable for all skin types.

7. It is moisturizing without being too heavy.

8. Light, fresh scent that is invigorating and pleasant.

You can purchase this at Origins (I bought mine on 5th Ave in NYC,) Macy’s, or online at






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Sigma Brushes

Quality brushes are essential to the application of makeup (unless of course you prefer your fingers, which is perfectly acceptable). I am sure we have all experienced the horrors of cheap brushes: stray bristles on your face, “scratchy” bristles, sparse bristles, etc. The range of brushes available is astonishing, ranging from incredibly inexpensive to ridiculously pricey. I have found that price is not a great indicator for quality when it comes to purchasing brushes. For example, E.L.F. makeup brushes sell for $1 and their eyeshadow brushes are awesome! Another example of cheap (in terms of price) brushes are EcoTools – these brushes are made of sustainable bamboo and have the softest bristles that I have ever encountered. BareMinerals brushes are a bit more expensive but also excellent. Sigma brushes are awesome too, a full set of brushes can be purchased for less than $80. Sigma brushes are a great starting point in building a brush collection – they offer a great range of products at a modest price.

Although I have a decent collection of brushes, I found the Sigma Complete Kit to be a necessary purchase for me because it contains every type of brush for the application of eye and face makeup. (I purchased this kit with a coupon. I always check when purchasing online – the second it takes to look up a promotion code is worth it because it can yield great savings). So I received a total of 12 brushes:  Small Angle E65, Medium Angled Shading  E70, Large Shader  E60, Pencil E30, Large Angled Contour  F40,  Large Powder F30,  Duo Fibre  F50, Foundation F60,  Concealer F70, Tapered Blending E40,  Eye Shading  E55,   and Eyeliner  E05. The brushes came in a classy black mesh drawstring  pouch. I also received a free gift (every purchase over $30 gets one!), which is an E25 travel size brush. There was an insert with the brushes too which contains information on brush cleansing (it is absolutely essential to clean your brushes).

I am impressed with the quality of these brushes and am already enjoying them! This set can also be purchased with a brush roll (for an extra $20). This was not necessary for me because I prefer to store my brushes in decorative mugs. This is a matter of preference, if you would prefer a roll, go for it, at the very least it will allow you to travel with your brush set.

I think that investing in good brushes is a necessity! If you are willing to purchase quality makeup, splurging on great tools and brushes to use in conjunction with your products is definitely essential.

If you are interested in Sigma products, check out their website:

Let me know what you think!