Review: Posh Angle Blush Brush

I’m going to be honest, I purchased the Posh Angle Blush Brush as a substitute for the Sephora Angled Blush Brush — which I LOVE. The Sephora brush costs approx. $30 which is seemingly quite expensive. The Posh Angle Blush Brush can be purchased for less than $10 (it is $6.29 at most drug stores & Harmon’s).  I was hoping the Posh brush might be a cheaper (in terms of $) replica of the Sephora one. The Sephora Angled Brush is always sold out at the store and is a bestseller (according to a Sephora employee at my local Sephora). It is well worth it but difficult to get a hold of. I was excited to find an inexpensive angled blush brush. My excellent experiences with EcoTools brushes have led me to believe that inexpensive brushes can be exceptional in terms of quality and application. My experience with Posh brushes sadly did not meet that expectation!



-soft bristles

-good sized handle (perfect for contouring)


-poorly made & handle is not secured well (My brush literally fell apart the FIRST time I used it – not a good first impression!)

-bristles were not all going in the right direction and seemed very sparse

-too expensive for an item of such poor quality

The slogan for Posh brushes, on the package of my brush reads,”You could purchase a more expensive make-up brush-but not a better one!” This is FALSE in my opinion, at least in terms of the Angle Blush Brush. If you are looking for a quality angled blush brush, check out the Sephora brand brushes, I know they sell at least two different ones and I love both of them! You should definitely avoid the Posh Angled Brush because it is a waste of money and poor quality. This experience with Posh brushes will most likely result in me staying away from this brand altogether & you should too! :)

-Katie xo

Review: Korres Mango Butter Lipstick and Korres Lip Butter

I was standing in line with a handful of products at Sephora recently when I came across a small yet noticeable display of Korres lip products on the counter. Each product was on sale for $8, which is a comfortable number – not too cheap to seem unattractive but also not expensive enough to dismiss.  The tricky tempting strategy worked, and I spontaneously purchased two products—a lip butter and a lipstick.


Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Peach 18 ($18 on and

An amazing product! Korres Mango Butter Lipstick makes wearing lipstick enjoyable which seems to be a difficult endeavor. The lipstick goes on smoothly. It has a great consistency – smooth and shimmery but not drying. The product independently creates a colorful shine. With SPF 10, it is a perfect beach pick.  In terms of the shade, Peach18  is perfect for summer and it is a universally flattering hue. A deep blend of coral and watermelon with bits of gold shimmer complement a great range of looks. This lipstick is a great investment in your makeup collection!


Korres Lip Butter Pomegranate – $8.00 on sale at Sephora. I also like to use this product as a blush – use your middle finger to pick up some of the butter and then dab it on your cheeks. It will seriously look like you just worked out for an hour. Love it! So pretty and healthy!

I will  be repurchasing both of these products – even if they are at the normal price… :)

-Katie x0

P.S. My awesome experience with korres led me to purchase more of their products: primer, tinted moisturizer & bronzer – I will review each soon!

miniReview: Physician’s Formula: Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara


This mascara is definitely not a favorite. In fact, I am forcing myself to use up the remainder of the product.

A list can most easily display the qualities that I do not like about this makeup: the applicator – is difficult to hold and the tip does not apply the mascara well, the product is dry and clumpy, it has a strange and unpleasant smell, and at almost $10/piece, the price is not fabulous!

Skip it & opt for something else!

-Katie x0

Review: Blistex Natural Cooling Comfort Lip Balm


I have had this lip balm for a couple of months now but unfortunately it is not a product that I would recommend purchasing.

Since there are more cons with this product, I am going to start off with them:

-This balm does not seem to moisturize

-Does not stay on the lips long, it wears off quickly and easily

-The product seems to separate in the tube

-The cooling sensation is incredibly mild and almost unnoticeable

-The tube is small~you only get .25 oz of product

-The tube is not aesthetically pleasing – it is rather plain and ugly, I would not want to be seen applying this stuff! (I guess appearance is highly subjective though…)

To be fair, I must state the pros:

-USDA organic ingredients

-The lips appear fuller and glossy when one is wearing the balm which gives the lips a cool appearance

So like I said, I have had this product for a couple of months. I have tried repeatedly to embrace it but this product is not something that I would repurchase or advise anyone to purchase.  Overall, Blistex Natural Cooling Comfort Lip Balm is nothing special. Do not be dismayed though, there are plenty of other organic lip balms out there! :)

x0 Katie

Review: Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Tinted Bronzer


I love the sound of this product: a natural, liquid bronzer with no synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colors, no parabens, and 84% organic. Sounds great right? (I thought so too!)

Physicians Formula Organic wear 100% Natural Origin Liquid Bronzer is incredibly disappointing. I purchased this product in the shade Light Skin (it comes in three shades: fair skin, light skin and medium skin).

I was not immediatly impressed with it upon my initial uses. However, I did try to like it. After about a week of attempting to make it work for me, I decided that it was a hopeless endeavor.

What I was looking for: a healthy-looking, bronzed glow

What I got: an oily, unpleasant sheen

Some other unimpressive aspects about this product:

-the scent (I generally enjoy the smell of natural and organic products, they seem to smell earthy, like understated florals mixed with dirt or something. If you know what I am talking about, how would you describe it?!) The tinted bronzer smelled awful! And the scent did not dissipate, it sort of stuck with me all day, constantly reminding me that it was on my face… (*Even my boyfriend commented on the scent-how embarassing! He was not a fan of it either.)

-the price: too expensive

-my advice: skip this product!

If you need to get a bronze glow: try applying your favorite moisturizer (let it dry for about 3 minutes-I am obsessed with Burt’s Bees radiance day and night cremes) then gently sweep some bronzer over your forehead, temples, nose, cheeks and chin. Then, blend it all out with a clean kabuki brush. Your skin will look healthy and natural.