Clean Skin

I love reading about how to get awesome skin. Who doesn’t love the idea of a flawless face? One thing on this topic that tends to get to me, however, is the fact that products always seem to be the answer. You know exactly what I mean! Although I think using high quality products (preferably organic, natural, or a something with a low rating on the Cosmetic Database) on your skin is important, there are other things you can do to obtain great, healthy skin. Here you go:

Make sure you are sleeping on a clean pillow case. This seems like a no-brainer but how often do you actually change your pillow case? Once a week? Once a month? You sleep on it every single night! Think about what your pillow has to put up with: The bacteria that naturally lives on/in your skin, sweat, lingering makeup, dust, etc.

Keep your cell phone clean. One minute you are texting on it and the next you’re holding it up against your face. Did you wash your hands before you started texting? Didn’t think so… Wipe your phone off every once in a while.

Bacteria can build up in your makeup brushes. Wash your brushes often. Brushes you use to apply liquid makeup products need to be washed more frequently. Use baby shampoo or dish soap to get rid of bacteria built up on your brushes.

What do you do to keep your skin looking fab?




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