In and Out #1

So it is time to switch it up a bit and do an in and out post!


Black & White: I love wearing black & white right now! It seems like I cannot get away from it-when I go shopping I am just drawn to black/grey/white/silver. I find that I am even wearing more black jewelry – which seems to be easily accessible right now, especially at Forever21. Perhaps my favorite thing about the marriage of black and white is versatility. You can wear these colors, and look dressed up or casual, depending on how you accessorize.  I am going on a short trip this weekend, and everything, from my luggage to my jewelry are black & white (of course, I had to add a splash of  color somewhere so my nails are short & hot pink).

Solid perfumes: My current favorite-Pacifica solid perfume in Brazilian Mango Grapefruit. The scent is incredible. It is summer in a tiny yellow tin…I love it. The Pacifica solid perfumes are also fun to layer-be creative and give it a try. I always have a tin of Pacifica solid perfume with me because I like to reapply the scent throughout the day. It is made with organic and natural ingredients, and free of parabens, animal ingredients, gluten and artificial colors.

Roadtrips: I am obsessed with these! My month-ling roadtrip over the summer was the best thing I have ever experienced and I am anticipating and planning my next adventure…

Greek Yogurt: I love Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt! I find myself eating it almost every day. I have tried blueberry, honey, strawberry and vanilla. Vanilla and honey are my absolutely my favorite flavors! All of the flavors have 0% fat which is also awesome.


Car maintenance: I feel like I clean my car SO often & yet it still gets cluttered with random papers, extra pairs of flats (I think there are currently at least 3 pairs of flats in my car…and I am not really sure why?!), books, granola bars etc. Also, since it is white, I constantly feel like it needs to washed! I try to refrain from this to conserve water… and time.

Missing the sun: The shortest day of the year (in terms of sunlight) 12/21 is quickly approaching. It seems like the sun is only out for a little while each day & it is usually when I am unable to be outside. I am missing warm summer days & the beach!

Trident Layer Gum: I tried both flavors but neither of them were particularly good. It had a strange consistency and was way to expensive for gum – about $2.00 at WaWa.

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