Leopard Nails

How to EASILY get a Leopard Accent Nail:

1. Grab your materials:



Black polish




Piece of tape

Paper towel

2. Flatten toothpick

3. Shake up your polish and paint your basecoat on

4. Paint your ring fingers with the neutral polish

5. Paint the rest of your nails black (or whatever color you select)

6. Dab glitter and black nail polish on the tape

7. Use the toothpick to dab glitterly spots on the ring fingers

8. Outline the glittery with the toothpick

9. Do a second coat of black polish on the rest of your nails

10. Paint the your nails with the top coat

You’re good to go! :]







The supplies I used are pictured below: Essie Topless and Barefoot, OPI Onyx, Essie Beyond Cozy and OPI Nail Envy


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