Lush Haul

Lush PackageI am SO excited about this package! All of these things items arrived yesterday: 2 bath bombs (butterball and bon bomb), 1 stepping stone, 1 bath melt (you’ve been mangoed), 1 deodorant powder (coconut), 2 facial “tokens”, and 2 tiny soap samples. Although I have made countless trips to LUSH and have tried many of their products, all of these particular products were first time purchases. I will be sure to review each & give some tips on how to use them.

Lush products can be a bit pricey, for example, the bath bombs range from approximately $4 – $6, which is a lot considering they really do not last very long (1-2 baths). Since LUSH products are handmade and formulated with many natural ingredients, I think they are worth indulging in, at least every once in a while! :)

x0 Katie

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