Make your scent last throughout the day…or at least a bit longer!

One of the most frustrating things about purchasing perfume is the realization that it does not last as long as you would like once you get home and get it on your skin.

Fragrance comes in several different forms. Some of these forms, which are listed according to their concentration from greatest to least, include: perfume, eau de parfum, and eau de toilette. Solid perfumes and fragrance mists are also available.

Perfume and eau de parfum are the purest and as a result, most expensive fragrance products. These forms of fragrance will often last longer on your skin.

Get your scent to stick by:

1. Selecting the purest form of fragrance available in the scent you like (most fragrances are easily accessible in eau de toilette form, however, if perfume or eau de parfum is available, invest & save it for special occasions)

2. Apply a small amount of Aquaphor or petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) to your pulse points (do not overdo it with this step! A tiny dab will work!)

3. Now, spray or dab your fragrance on your pulse points. Your pulse points can be found on your wrists, inside your elbows, behind your ears, behind your knees, at the base of your throat, and don’t forget to put a bit around your ankles.

Other tips:

Stick a travel size or small bottle of fragrance in your bag & bring it wherever you go.

Select a moisturizer that has the same scent as your fragrance of choice.

Keep your perfume out of the sun, and away from extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Pass on fragrances that don’t work on you – because of your body chemistry, a perfume might not work on you but might smell amazing on someone else. If you don’t like it, pass it on! Fragrances are most potent for about two years after they are created. So instead of wasting it or allowing it to expire, give it away.

Test a scent if it is possible before you buy it. I recently considered purchasing YSL Parisienne because I loved the way it smelled at the counter and in Glamour (there was a sample – I actually smell these things :)!) However, when I went to Macy’s to purchase it, and after one spritz on my wrist and about 5 minutes of wearing it as I walked around the store, I realized it was not what I thought it would be. I was not upset at that point, I was actually relieved that I had not purchased it at or something because it really did smell quite unappealing!

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