Gift Guide #5 & #6 – Tiffany’s…

Tiffany’s jewelry is my gift guide pick for entries #5 & #6. Go to to browse jewelry.

Tiffany’s is synonymous with quality and class in the realm of jewelry. Although some pieces seem expensive, you are paying for exquisite jewelry that you can feel confident and happy about.

If you are considering getting a piece from Tiffany’s engraved, take it elsewhere. A store like Things Remembered will engrave a piece for a lesser price than Tiffany’s, and it will often be much faster. Additionally, look for complimentary shipping on the Tiffany’s website, this will minimize costs in that area.

Tiffany’s has great gift ideas for girls & guys (rings, bracelets, necklaces, money clips, cuff links, watches, fragrances, etc.) and it is fun to both receive and give Tiffany’s as a gift!

-Katie :)

Gift Guide Entry #4 – Anthropologie Monogram Mugs

Anthropologie is easily my favorite store. Everything in this store has a unique, eccentric appeal and flavor. The Anthro monogram mugs are awesome because they are sturdy, trendy, classic and pretty.

The mugs are white with black lettering and/or design. There are two varieties, a coffee mug and a small mug, which could be used for tea or hot cocoa.

Instead of getting just one mug, buy a few. Spell out your favorite word, your name, etc. and display it as a decoration!

These mugs are my favorite! I have several myself and I always give them as gifts!

Gift Guide Entry #3 – Apple iPod Touch

The iPod touch is AWESOME. (The blog post could end here but I’ll keep going…)

You can listen to music, go online (w/ access to wifi), get sweet applications, you can hook it up to your tv (with special cables), you can store pictures & videos… the possibilities with the iPod are unlimited.

Check your email, weather or upcoming events.

Google something. Go on youtube, facebook, or update your blog! :)

The iPod touch comes in 8GB, 32GB, or 64GB. (p.s. All this information was just located using an iPod touch!)

You need an iPod touch, unless you have an iPhone. Peace!


p.s. The iPod touch is an awesome gift for anyone (from your girlfriend to your grandma~trust me!)

Click on  shop Katie’s picks (above) to buy your iPod through! :)

Gift Guide Entry #2: The Little Black Book of Style

The Little Black of Style by Nina Garcia is a great gift for any lover of style, fashion, and/or shopping.

This book offers great style tips & ideas. It is interesting, practical, and well-written.

I own a couple of Garcia’s books, including The Little Black Book of Style and The One Hundred (which is also fabulous!).

This book is also a great conversation starter-if you are having a girls night or a party, you might find people picking it up to flip through it! :)

Recently, I have seen The Little Black Book of Style at stores (other than bookstores) like Anthropologie and Aerie.

You can buy the book right here on my website through, just click on the tab “Shop Katie’s Picks” above.

I would recommend this book for any woman or man interested in style!!! This could be a stocking stuffer or a small gift for someone special.

Check back tomorrow to see what the gift guide entry #3 will be!

Gift Guide Gallery – Entry #1: Shore Soap Handmade Soaps


This is the first product to be selected for OMG’s gift guide!!! A new gift idea will be posted on a daily basis from now until Christmas!

Shore Soap is a great option for a unique, thoughtful Christmas gift that is appropriate for anyone!

Reasons why I love Shore Soap Handmade Soaps:

-I love using this soap. My favorites are pomegranate & sugar cookie!

-Packaging: all soaps come in an adorable white bag with tissue paper and the name of the soap is written on the front (this is so beachy, chic & posh-check out to see what I mean…)

-VARIETY! Holiday soaps: balsam, pomegranate, Christmas cookie, peppermint, etc.

-This soap is made by hand with natural oils.

-Smells good!

-Reasonable in terms of price, currently just $5.00 per bar! (Shipping IS included in that price!)

-It does not leave a lingering scent on your skin after showering, which I really like because I hate when my soap overpowers my perfume/fragrance.

-It is not drying, your skin will feel refreshed and clean, not dry and tight.

-With festive colors, it is aesthetically appealing.

-This soap makes an adorable decoration.

-Secure payment- pay through paypal!

Handmade soaps are especially awesome gift for teachers, mothers, grandmothers, and friends!

As we all know, the holidays are quickly approaching! This time of year is so awesome, however, many become consumed in holiday shopping. OMG will be suggesting gifts throughout the remainder of the season! Check back tomorrow to see what is posted! :)

Review: Yummy Earth Wild Peppermint Organic Candy Drops

OMG loves candy! If you are ever in the mood for something sweet & peppermint flavored, Yummy Earth’s Wild Peppermint Organic Candy Drops are perfect!

Unlike other candy, Yummy Earth’s Candy Drops do not contain any artificial colors or flavors. Most peppermint flavored candy contains sugar, corn syrup, peppermint oil, and artificial color.

Yummy Earth’s candy drops are made of organic evaporated cane juice, organic tapioca syrup and/or organic rice syrup, and organic/natural flavors (peppermint oils).

Yummy Earth Wild Peppermint Organic Candy Drops are: USDA organic, vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, nut-free, soy-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, dye-free, inexpensive & individually wrapped

If you are looking for a minty treat this Christmas & holiday season Yummy Earth Wild Peppermint Organic Candy Drops are a better choice “than mass produced chemical candy” that you will enjoy eating & sharing! :)

Review: Kiss My Face Hand Alert


My hands are always really dry during the fall and winter so I make sure that I always have a hand moisturizer in my bag. When I was at Wegman’s, I picked up a bright orange tube of Kiss My Face hand alert.

The certified organic hand cream contains: rosemary & mint extracts, spf 8, & 2% AHA

After a few weeks of using this product, I have decided that I would not re-purchase it. Some of the downfalls of this cream include:

-scent: I love peppermint but the level of scent in this product is overpowering

-price: too expensive for amount of cream that you get (3 ounces)

-appearance: it leaves a white sheen on your hands, even if you rub it in well, which is unpleasant

-purpose: it is supposed to exfoliate and moisturize hands and it does not do a great job of either

If you are considering this product, skip it!

The hunt for an awesome, organic hand cream continues…

What do you use? Comment below! : )

Review: Ecco Bella Blush

Prior to my organic/natural makeup obsession, my cheap (drugstore) blush standby was Covergirl Cheekers blush. I experimented with most of the Cheekers blushes but Coral Rose was always a staple for me. After doing a bit of research on the safety of the Covergirl blush, I was shocked to find that it received a horrible rating on

According to the Cosmetic Database, this blush is considered to have a high health hazard risk. Another website,, revealed that the Covergirl blush contained ingredients that were on their list of carcinogens. It seems that many of the ingredients in the Covergirl makeup were potential instigators of both long and short term health hazards.

Although I had used this product for years and it was inexpensive, I decided that I had two options: 1. Stop using all makeup (which was impossible because I love it!, I love applying makeup on me, my sisters, my friends, etc. & I love buying it & I love organizing my collection…) OR 2. Find healthier options that will not force me to compromise my health. Obviously, I picked #2!

My research on healthier makeup options led me to Ecco Bella, a brand that provides natural and organic beauty solutions. I found a blush that was incredibly similar to what I had. Ecco Bella Flowercolor Blush is an awesome, healthier makeup option. It was a bit difficult to locate, however, definitely worth it. I bought the Flowercolor Blush in the color Peach Rose (sounds almost exaclty like the Covergirl one! & it is…). The makeup is made from natural pigments, which are powerful producers of color.

Ecco Bella Flowercolor Blush: (4.5/5.0)

-no talc

-no fragrances (which is wonderful!! Some of the natural & organic makeup products have an unpleasant odor! That is NOT the case with this blush, it is completely odorless, which is refreshing & healthy!)

-no additives

-infused with sweet almond oil, vitamin E, &  green tea

-is GREEN because the packaging is minimal : ) (*I bought the Ecco Bella paperback duo – a magnetic case that holds up to two individual blushes!)

-can be used as an eye shadow as well

-goes on easily & looks great all day

-very reasonable in terms of price! A little bit of this blush goes a long way…

-most importantly, it is a healthier option!

Check out how your makeup products scored on the websites I provided above. I hope you will be encouraged to choose healthy beauty products & pass the knowledge on to others! Natural & organic products are definitely the best option. : )


Tarte Treasure Chest Limited Edition Palette

This is going to be a mini post! I just went to Sephora and purchased the Tarte Treasure Chest. It was $52.00 but has a retail value of $686 dollars! I have not used it yet but I am really excited about this palette. It contains 16 shimmer eyeshadows, 16 matte shadows, 16 lipglosses, bronzer, luminizer, 4 blushes. The palette comes in an adorable case with a metallic lid adorned with jewels.

The makeup contains NO parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates, preservatives, glycol, gluten, talc or GMOs. It is also cruelty free and natural.

This palette is an amazing deal! I cannot wait to try out this product~I will let you know how I use it & if I would recommend it.


In and Out #1

So it is time to switch it up a bit and do an in and out post!


Black & White: I love wearing black & white right now! It seems like I cannot get away from it-when I go shopping I am just drawn to black/grey/white/silver. I find that I am even wearing more black jewelry – which seems to be easily accessible right now, especially at Forever21. Perhaps my favorite thing about the marriage of black and white is versatility. You can wear these colors, and look dressed up or casual, depending on how you accessorize.  I am going on a short trip this weekend, and everything, from my luggage to my jewelry are black & white (of course, I had to add a splash of  color somewhere so my nails are short & hot pink).

Solid perfumes: My current favorite-Pacifica solid perfume in Brazilian Mango Grapefruit. The scent is incredible. It is summer in a tiny yellow tin…I love it. The Pacifica solid perfumes are also fun to layer-be creative and give it a try. I always have a tin of Pacifica solid perfume with me because I like to reapply the scent throughout the day. It is made with organic and natural ingredients, and free of parabens, animal ingredients, gluten and artificial colors.

Roadtrips: I am obsessed with these! My month-ling roadtrip over the summer was the best thing I have ever experienced and I am anticipating and planning my next adventure…

Greek Yogurt: I love Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt! I find myself eating it almost every day. I have tried blueberry, honey, strawberry and vanilla. Vanilla and honey are my absolutely my favorite flavors! All of the flavors have 0% fat which is also awesome.


Car maintenance: I feel like I clean my car SO often & yet it still gets cluttered with random papers, extra pairs of flats (I think there are currently at least 3 pairs of flats in my car…and I am not really sure why?!), books, granola bars etc. Also, since it is white, I constantly feel like it needs to washed! I try to refrain from this to conserve water… and time.

Missing the sun: The shortest day of the year (in terms of sunlight) 12/21 is quickly approaching. It seems like the sun is only out for a little while each day & it is usually when I am unable to be outside. I am missing warm summer days & the beach!

Trident Layer Gum: I tried both flavors but neither of them were particularly good. It had a strange consistency and was way to expensive for gum – about $2.00 at WaWa.