Review: BareMinerals Original SPF Foundation


BareMinerals Original SPF Foundation was a huge disappointment! With BareMinerals counters and stores popping up all over, I decided to give the product a trial run. I purchased the starter kit at Sephora and was less than impressed with half of the products within it. As I mentioned in a previous post on primers, I was most dissatisfied with Bare Minerals Prime Time – However, the BareMinerals original foundations (within the starter kit were similarly disappointing.

After using the BareMinerals products on my skin – Prime Time, Foundation, Warmth All Over Face Color and the Mineral Veil – I noticed that my chin was beginning to turn red and breakout. And I am going to be honest, it was not just a little blemish that I could overlook — it was a horrifying breakout that made me not want to leave the house. It was also quite painful! I attempted to conceal the blemishes with the BareMinerals Foundation and the BareMinerals Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush and it hurt!

Since I wanted a true sense of the BareMinerals products I continued to use them while omitting one product at a time. I noticed that my complexion improved significantly when I stopped using Prime Time. (I discarded it!) However, my skin was still not looking great with the foundation, warmth and mineral veil. After doing some research on the BareMinerals website, I decided to purchase one more face product before giving up on the brand. I opted to try another foundation. Thankfully, the BareMinerals Matte SPF Foundation was awesome. I realized that the original foundation was also a culprit in the (temporary) destruction of my complexion!

The two main problems I experienced with the BareMinerals Original SPF Foundation: it  made my typically labeled “normal” skin very oily; it led to breakouts on my chin and some blemishes on my forehead. For these reasons, I would not recommend this product to anyone. However, I would definitely advise opting for the Matte version of their foundation if you are thinking of trying it. Just a heads up, the Matte Foundation is slightly more expensive than the original version (+$3.00 USD). Both are quite pricey though!

My advice: avoid BareMinerals Original SPF Foundation! If you MUST try BareMinerals, go with the matte version. If you decide to skip BareMinerals altogether I think Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Powder Foundation is a fabulous (+ much more affordable) alternative!

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