Review: Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Bar Soap


This review will feature Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe bar soap. This soap is awesome! Two of the main ingredients are found in the name of it: olive oil and aloe.  When these ingredients are combined, the result is a great, moisturizing soap.

The natural soap is a dark green bar with a somewhat mild, unappealing scent. In the shower, the bar of soap was used alone on the skin. It was slightly exfoliating which was unexpected yet really pleasant. The soap cleansed the skin well and washed off easily.

Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe soap did not leave the skin dry or scented at all. It made my skin feel great, both in the shower and after it. It was incredibly moisturizing and left my skin feeling soft.

Some other awesome features of this soap:

-does not contain any animal products

-not tested on animals

– free of artificial colors

-contains only 5 ingredients: olive oil, water, aloe, sodium chloride and fragrance

-price: under $3 (such a great deal!)

Overall, I would recommend this product to a friend and repurchase it in the future. The moisturizing effects of the soap were excellent and I enjoyed using it.

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