Review: Renpure Organics Volumizing Conditioner

My first review of Renpure ogranics was in May. At that time, I focused mainly on two of the Renpure product lines, the moisturizing products and the body & shine products. Since each of these product lines were effective, enjoyable to use and reasonable in terms of price, I decided to try an additional RenPure product, the volumizing conditioner.

The Renpure Organics Volumizing Conditioner, cleverly called “My Luscious Hair Needs a Lift,” is my go-to conditioner in the morning. The citrus scent is awesome and really awakening. It is difficult to come by a citrus scented shampoo/conditioner that smells pleasant (considering a multitude of cleaning products are citrus scented, think Pledge, Orange Glo, etc.). Renpure’s attempt at citrus is a tremendous, refreshing success!

Renpure Organics conditioners are my favorite conditioners to use for co-washing! The organic ingredients, brightly colored bottles, awesome scents, affordable prices and cute/catchy names make Renpure organic conditioner a great pick!

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