Review: Renpure Organics


Renpure organics shampoo and conditioner was an impromptu purchase at Harmon’s recently. I am trying to reduce my dependence on shampoos and conditioners that are laden with parabens, sulfates and harmful chemicals. A series of bright bottles caught my eye and I was delighted to see organic in the title of the brand! I popped open the top – sometimes these products can smell too earthy for me – but I was pleasantly surprised & impressed with the summery, fruity scent. I purchased three bottles (they were thankfully on sale!). I use A LOT of conditioner, about 2x as much shampoo I use – so I purchased two conditioners and one shampoo.

The moisturizing shampoo had a catchy tagline – “my pretty hair is parched.” So I bought this & the matching conditioner. Both products are fabulous. The shampoo is moisturizing but does not leave any type of unwanted sheen/oil on the hair. I use it every other day. Additionally, it smells awesome! It is definitely a great pick for the summer. I have incredibly tangly hair and this conditioner does a good (not great) job of detangling but in the defense of Renpure Organics, I have yet to find a great, organic, detangling conditioner.

I also purchased body & shine “i love my hair” conditioner which seems to be VERY similar to the moisturizing conditioner. I truly notice little difference – both work well, smell great and leave the hair soft & .:sigh:. nourished.  : )

Check out this brand if you happen to come across it! Otherwise, check out their website: Their section on chemical exposure is of particular interest to me & it might be informative and useful for you as well!

xo Katie

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