Review: Wetnwild Natural Wear Pressed Powder


Inexpensive makeup purchases always seem a bit questionable to me. How can a product be beneficial if it is so cheap? Will it make me breakout? Does it work? These questions provide a bit of a glimpse of the thoughts that zip around in my head prior to making a purchase.

While I admittedly usually gravitate towards the brands that I am most comfortable with, I have to admit that I noticed the pleasant packaging of Wetnwild Natural Wear Pressed Powder and was intrigued.

After scanning the ingredients and reading the back of the compact multiples times, and standing in the aisle for a suspiciously long time, I decided to buy the powders (powders? yes, I bought two).

This is a natural makeup product, with natural ingredients. My purchasing priority goes like this: organic, natural, then traditional makeup. I always attempt to select the healthiest option in my purchases, and of course a greater amount of organic and natural ingredients is preferable.

I was impressed with this makeup! I used it on top of lotion. I always apply lotion to my skin prior to applying makeup. Sometimes, I skip the foundation and/or concealer and jump right to powder. I do not really mind if that is a bit unconventional either – I prefer to define my own makeup routines, techniques, and styles.

Wetnwild Natural Wear pressed powder helps me to create a great matte look while minimizing pores and imperfections (like it claims to do on the compact).

The applicator puff (that the makeup comes with) was useful for me only around the eyes, however for the majority of application I used an EcoTools powder brush. Since the price was so reasonable, I purchased the powder in two shades: buff an bare. Honestly, the colors are very similar so I find that I can use them interchangeably.

Wetnwild Natural Pressed Power:

-contains 100% natural ingredients

-is 100% free of parabens and fragrances

-is dermatologist approved & hypoallergenic

-has a compact that is made with recycled paper (yet it comes with a applicator puff and a sizable mirror)

-is not tested on animals

-is so inexpensive! (Under $5.00)

Try it!




: ) Katie

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