Spring is here!

It has clearly been a while since my last post/review but I am back! :) Excuses are lame so I won’t make any about why I haven’t posted in a while. So after a cold/wet/snowy winter, spring is finally here! I am incredibly excited about spring clothes, makeup, scents, sights, and sounds.

Some fun trends this spring include: pastel paint for nails, tights (VS has them in every color) and tunics, nautical pieces & accessories (which I adore!), and floral prints – especially on sundresses and high-waisted miniskirts. Have I indulged in any of these trends? Of course.

Nail polish I am ┬áloving right now (that do not cost a lot of $) – Pink Flamingo by Brucci; Intrigue by Brucci and Delia’s Lilac Purple Polish

Both Victoria’s Secret and Charlotte Russe have a plethora of tights and longer tanks and tunics. This style is adorable, wearable and versatile. Long tanks create the illusion of a longer torso and midsection which is slimming and suitable for everyone! :)

Nautical pieces & accessories – Urban Outfitters, Forever21, H&M, & Charlotte Russe are stocked with those shades of navy, red, and white/cream that scream summer! I purchased anchor earrings at Urban, a cute nautical bracelet at Charlotte Russe, and a bag with navy stripes at H&M. I love the nautical look! Rock you nautical wear with a touch of red lipstick to give your look a retro feel.

Floral prints – Florals are characteristic of spring but can truly be worn throughout both spring and summer. I have purchased several summer dresses and skirts at Charlotte Russe. On spring days when it is a bit too chilly to wear a skirt or dress, wear a matching pair of tights and a lightweight cardigan.

Favorite spring trends? Comment below!

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