Stila Custom Color Blush

Stila Custom Color Blush


As soon as I saw this Stila blush I needed it. A blush that suits every skintone? Impossible!!! At $20.00 I thought it was pricey but decided it was worth it. And now I will warn you: do not make the same mistake I did! Save your $20.00!

This blush is disappointing and unflattering. I have used it on several different skintones and types of skin to see if my expectations held true and they did. I do not find the product to be universally flattering. The color does not seem to be custom! In fact, even when I apply the blush alone there is little variance in the pink hue.

The product creates a bright pink, matte finish. It is possible to blend out the color but it still seems very vibrant and flat. It is quite expensive for the amount of product you actually get. I have no received any compliments on it and subsequently, try to avoid using it. Lastly, in my opinion this blush does not look natural which makes it easy to pass up when I have the option of using other blush products!

Skip Stila Custom Color Blush – I regret buying it!

x0 Katie

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