Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow

This product was diligently slathered on my skin for 2 weeks straight. I tried applying it with a primer, a brush, a beauty blender, and a moisturizer. Here is the verdict: I regret buying it. At $34.00, this product is not the most expensive foundation I’ve ever purchased. I’m disappointed, however, because I know I should’ve just opted for my tried & true Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + or Makeup Forever HD.

Here are some of the major drawbacks of this product (and for the record, I’m a fan of Benefit and have a huge collection of their products that I find invaluable, the Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation is just not one of them):

  • Small color range (it comes in 9 shades – what?!)
  • Yellow-ish pigmented formula (I tried 4 different shades and found that all of them have yellow undertones)
  • No staying power (it slide off my face after about 4-5 hours – not my best look)
  • Although oil-free it seemed to make my face appear oily (and I don’t have oily skin, quite the opposite actually)

Although this drawbacks are unforgivable, there are some things Benefit got right with this product: packaging, product names, and consistency. The packaging is quite user-friendly – I love the pump and shape of the bottle. Each name is cute! It makes me want to wear this foundation (petty, I know…). And finally, the consistency of this product is likable. It feels like a tinted moisturizer which is nice for the warmer weather.

I will either pass this product on to someone who might enjoy it more than me (ahem, my sister…) or just continue to wear it since it was $34.oo. Either way, the harsh truth is that I will not be re-purchasing it!


How To: Make Your Eyeshadow Last

I was recently talking with a friend about eyeshadow and she mentioned that hers is usually gone in a couple of hours. This post is going to be about making your eyeshadow last all day simply by using a primer.

There are different types of shadows: powder, gel, baked (wet/dry shadows), etc. All of these shadows require a primer before applying the actually shadow. A primer gives the shadow something to cling to on your eyelid, keeps the shadow from creasing, and can also cancel out discoloration on your lid (think veins, skin discoloration – redness, darkness, etc.).

So many primer options exist! Some favorites include MAC Painterly Paint Pot, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and Benefit Stay Don’t Stray. I reach for MAC Painterly Paint Pot on a daily basis!

To use an eyeshadow base or primer, apply the product to your lid (a little bit goes a long way with these products). Sweep it over your whole eyelid from your upper lash line to the brow bone with your finger (you can use a brush instead but your finger works perfectly and is quicker). Follow up this procedure with your eyeshadow for a longer lasting effect. Also, since your shadow will likely be a bit more difficult to remove at the end of the day, make sure you are gentle with your eyelid and use makeup remover to get the product completely off.

I can’t imagine using an eyeshadow without a primer! :)