Sigma Brushes

Quality brushes are essential to the application of makeup (unless of course you prefer your fingers, which is perfectly acceptable). I am sure we have all experienced the horrors of cheap brushes: stray bristles on your face, “scratchy” bristles, sparse bristles, etc. The range of brushes available is astonishing, ranging from incredibly inexpensive to ridiculously pricey. I have found that price is not a great indicator for quality when it comes to purchasing brushes. For example, E.L.F. makeup brushes sell for $1 and their eyeshadow brushes are awesome! Another example of cheap (in terms of price) brushes are EcoTools – these brushes are made of sustainable bamboo and have the softest bristles that I have ever encountered. BareMinerals brushes are a bit more expensive but also excellent. Sigma brushes are awesome too, a full set of brushes can be purchased for less than $80. Sigma brushes are a great starting point in building a brush collection – they offer a great range of products at a modest price.

Although I have a decent collection of brushes, I found the Sigma Complete Kit to be a necessary purchase for me because it contains every type of brush for the application of eye and face makeup. (I purchased this kit with a coupon. I always check when purchasing online – the second it takes to look up a promotion code is worth it because it can yield great savings). So I received a total of 12 brushes:  Small Angle E65, Medium Angled Shading  E70, Large Shader  E60, Pencil E30, Large Angled Contour  F40,  Large Powder F30,  Duo Fibre  F50, Foundation F60,  Concealer F70, Tapered Blending E40,  Eye Shading  E55,   and Eyeliner  E05. The brushes came in a classy black mesh drawstring  pouch. I also received a free gift (every purchase over $30 gets one!), which is an E25 travel size brush. There was an insert with the brushes too which contains information on brush cleansing (it is absolutely essential to clean your brushes).

I am impressed with the quality of these brushes and am already enjoying them! This set can also be purchased with a brush roll (for an extra $20). This was not necessary for me because I prefer to store my brushes in decorative mugs. This is a matter of preference, if you would prefer a roll, go for it, at the very least it will allow you to travel with your brush set.

I think that investing in good brushes is a necessity! If you are willing to purchase quality makeup, splurging on great tools and brushes to use in conjunction with your products is definitely essential.

If you are interested in Sigma products, check out their website:

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Review: EcoTools Brushes

EcoTools brushes are amazing!

Most of my makeup brushes are EcoTools (I think I have at least one of every brush they sell!). I also have some Ms. Makeup brand brushes-which are sold by Paris Presents, the same company that sells EcoTools.

If I am at a store and I see these brushes then I need to buy them! Here are some of the reasons why EcoTools brushes are in my makeup brush collection right now:

-These brushes are incredibly SOFT. I especially love the way the kabuki brush feels on my skin!

-Cost: inexpensive. In terms of price, these brushes are all very reasonable. Both individual brushes and brush kits are available for you to purchase. I enjoy both varieties-I keep the individual brushes in my room and the brush kits are usually in my makeup bag.

-EcoTools brushes come in recyclable packaging

-Brush handles are made of bamboo, a renewable and sustainable plant source

-Synthetic bristles = no animal cruelty

-EcoTools is a member of 1% for the planet (1% of annual sales will be donated to environmental organizations)

-EcoTools brushes are easily washable, durable, and efficient.

I use most of the EcoTools makeup brushes on a daily basis, including: the mini brushes (for eyes/lips), the foundation brush, the powder brush, the retractable kabuki brush, and the eye shading brush.

The mini brushes came in a package of  brushes. I use these little ones for precisely applying lip gloss. Sometimes I will use the mini brushes on my eyelids for applying a highlighter on my brow bones and inner corners (of my eyes).  The powder brush is great for both loose and pressed powder. Bronzer can be applied easily with the kabuki brush, it helps to create a balanced appearance. I use the eye shading brush for applying dark colors and also occasionally for blending.

These brushes are fabulous and you should buy them for your brush collection. I have added some EcoTools favorites to Katie’s picks, check them out at  Try starting a mini collection with one of the 5 or 6 piece EcoTools brush kits if you would like (that is how I got started with them)!  Then, purchase your favorites in the larger size or stock up on the brush kits.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy using these brushes as much as I do!