Renpure Ren Cleansing Conditioner

Although this product is new, the concept of a cleansing conditioner is not. Wen and Hair One have preceded Ren. However, in my opinion, Renpure is the first company to get it right! A bottle of Wen will cost you about $35.oo. Hair One is about half that at $15.00. Ren is approximately $10.00 (on their website) but you can find it even cheaper at Harmon’s.

What is the allure with Ren?

  • Renpure products are healthier for you and the earth.
  • Ren is easy to use – pump the product out, massage it into your scalp, let it sit and rinse (does not require multiple steps like Wen and Hair One).
  • You can use it as a leave-in conditioner or detangler in addition to using it as a shampoo/conditioner.
  • Your hair is left amazingly soft, clean and shiny.
  • Ren contains Keratin, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.
  • Ren comes in two scents: Rosemary Mint and Sweet Pomegranate. I have both in my shower and alternate between them.

Try Ren! Let me know what you think below. My experiences with Renpure as a brand have been awesome, and I’m excited to continue using their products.



Review: David Babaii Bohemian Beach Spray


Amazinggg hair product!

Let me prelude this review with this: I have been on the lookout for a great beach spray since John Frieda discontinued Beach Blonde Ocean Waves Sea Spray. I have no idea why this product was discontinued but it was really upsetting! Many of my friends felt the same way!

I came across David Babaii’s Bohemian Beach Spray when I was purchasing some conditioner. A sticker on the product initially caught my eye, it read: “2009 InStyle Best Beauty Buys.” So I thought hmm, maybe this product could be promising? When I realized it was a beach spray I immediately picked it up and unscrewed the cap…it smelled like coconuts and mango, so tropical and summery! So I bought it and used it as soon as I got in the car… amazing!

Some other product highlights include: cruelty free. sulfate free. paraben free.&  petrochemical free.

The cost is about $9.99 and ten percent of profits are donated to WildAid, a wildlife conservation, which is awesome!

Get this stuff, if not now, definitely in the summer. I prefer to wear it and pretend its summer but that’s just me. Oh & one more thing – this product gives your hair a great tropical scent (so skipping perfume is an option if you are in a rush or if you are trying to reduce your exposure to chemicals!)

-Katie x0