Renpure Ren Cleansing Conditioner

Although this product is new, the concept of a cleansing conditioner is not. Wen and Hair One have preceded Ren. However, in my opinion, Renpure is the first company to get it right! A bottle of Wen will cost you about $35.oo. Hair One is about half that at $15.00. Ren is approximately $10.00 (on their website) but you can find it even cheaper at Harmon’s.

What is the allure with Ren?

  • Renpure products are healthier for you and the earth.
  • Ren is easy to use – pump the product out, massage it into your scalp, let it sit and rinse (does not require multiple steps like Wen and Hair One).
  • You can use it as a leave-in conditioner or detangler in addition to using it as a shampoo/conditioner.
  • Your hair is left amazingly soft, clean and shiny.
  • Ren contains Keratin, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.
  • Ren comes in two scents: Rosemary Mint and Sweet Pomegranate. I have both in my shower and alternate between them.

Try Ren! Let me know what you think below. My experiences with Renpure as a brand have been awesome, and I’m excited to continue using their products.



Co-washing: a Convenient Clean

Co-washing. What an unattractive name for a pleasant process! To put it simply, co-washing is washing your hair with conditioner. Typical shampoos contain chemicals that are harmful to your scalp and overall health. Approximately 60% of what you put on your skin (scalp, etc.) is absorbed by your body. When you shampoo, you are exposing yourself to chemicals. Most shampoos contain elements like petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrances.

Why do you put yourself at risk for health issues and other unfavorable outcomes by using shampoo? Well, I like to think that it is because you have been conditioned (hah, no pun intended) to think that you NEED shampoo to make your hair clean. False! The lather that your shampoo creates is not solely responsible for cleaning your hair. You actually help the cleansing process along by massaging your scalp and rubbing your hair between your fingers. So when you replace your shampoo with a conditioner, preferably an organic one, you will be making a great choice.

So the concept is simple and it is likely something that you will be able to experience for free. Start off co-washing by swearing off shampoo, at least give it a week or so. Use your current conditioner in the shower to wash your hair. Make sure you use the conditioner in the same way that you would a shampoo – massage it around your scalp and rinse it well. Follow up with more of the same conditioner. Let the product sit for a few minutes while you do whatever else you must while you are in the shower. Rinse with cool water and enjoy!

I love co-washing. I think you will too!

xo Katie

p.s. Renpure conditioners work really well with co-washing. : )

Review: Renpure Organics


Renpure organics shampoo and conditioner was an impromptu purchase at Harmon’s recently. I am trying to reduce my dependence on shampoos and conditioners that are laden with parabens, sulfates and harmful chemicals. A series of bright bottles caught my eye and I was delighted to see organic in the title of the brand! I popped open the top – sometimes these products can smell too earthy for me – but I was pleasantly surprised & impressed with the summery, fruity scent. I purchased three bottles (they were thankfully on sale!). I use A LOT of conditioner, about 2x as much shampoo I use – so I purchased two conditioners and one shampoo.

The moisturizing shampoo had a catchy tagline – “my pretty hair is parched.” So I bought this & the matching conditioner. Both products are fabulous. The shampoo is moisturizing but does not leave any type of unwanted sheen/oil on the hair. I use it every other day. Additionally, it smells awesome! It is definitely a great pick for the summer. I have incredibly tangly hair and this conditioner does a good (not great) job of detangling but in the defense of Renpure Organics, I have yet to find a great, organic, detangling conditioner.

I also purchased body & shine “i love my hair” conditioner which seems to be VERY similar to the moisturizing conditioner. I truly notice little difference – both work well, smell great and leave the hair soft & .:sigh:. nourished.  : )

Check out this brand if you happen to come across it! Otherwise, check out their website: Their section on chemical exposure is of particular interest to me & it might be informative and useful for you as well!

xo Katie