Review: Kiss My Face Hand Alert


My hands are always really dry during the fall and winter so I make sure that I always have a hand moisturizer in my bag. When I was at Wegman’s, I picked up a bright orange tube of Kiss My Face hand alert.

The certified organic hand cream contains: rosemary & mint extracts, spf 8, & 2% AHA

After a few weeks of using this product, I have decided that I would not re-purchase it. Some of the downfalls of this cream include:

-scent: I love peppermint but the level of scent in this product is overpowering

-price: too expensive for amount of cream that you get (3 ounces)

-appearance: it leaves a white sheen on your hands, even if you rub it in well, which is unpleasant

-purpose: it is supposed to exfoliate and moisturize hands and it does not do a great job of either

If you are considering this product, skip it!

The hunt for an awesome, organic hand cream continues…

What do you use? Comment below! : )