Co-washing: a Convenient Clean

Co-washing. What an unattractive name for a pleasant process! To put it simply, co-washing is washing your hair with conditioner. Typical shampoos contain chemicals that are harmful to your scalp and overall health. Approximately 60% of what you put on your skin (scalp, etc.) is absorbed by your body. When you shampoo, you are exposing yourself to chemicals. Most shampoos contain elements like petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors and fragrances.

Why do you put yourself at risk for health issues and other unfavorable outcomes by using shampoo? Well, I like to think that it is because you have been conditioned (hah, no pun intended) to think that you NEED shampoo to make your hair clean. False! The lather that your shampoo creates is not solely responsible for cleaning your hair. You actually help the cleansing process along by massaging your scalp and rubbing your hair between your fingers. So when you replace your shampoo with a conditioner, preferably an organic one, you will be making a great choice.

So the concept is simple and it is likely something that you will be able to experience for free. Start off co-washing by swearing off shampoo, at least give it a week or so. Use your current conditioner in the shower to wash your hair. Make sure you use the conditioner in the same way that you would a shampoo – massage it around your scalp and rinse it well. Follow up with more of the same conditioner. Let the product sit for a few minutes while you do whatever else you must while you are in the shower. Rinse with cool water and enjoy!

I love co-washing. I think you will too!

xo Katie

p.s. Renpure conditioners work really well with co-washing. : )