Work Out World

I was warned but decided to join WOW anyways. And so, the saga ensues…

Being a member of Work Out World is akin to torture. Once you belong to this gym all of their sneaky little business tactics become wildly apparent. In case you are considering a membership, here is a list of things that should to deter you from joining:

1. Group Classes (such as Boot Camp) are taken off the schedule and reinstated as programs that require payment (which, I should add, is more than double a monthly membership fee)

2. All of the saunas have recently closed (until further notice)

3. It is nearly impossible to cancel a membership (you must send a form via certified mail, enter a cancellation period, and hope that your cancellation request is granted all while you continue to pay their monthly fee)

4. The facilities are often packed during peak hours; it is difficult to find space in classes, and equipment to use

5. You must now create a username and password on myWow to log in and get class schedules (they were previously available online)

6. Although bringing a guest to workout is an option included in your membership, this is truly just a sales pitch and gym tour, which is really inconvenient and has led to many missed classes (also, your guest’s license will be held hostage while you workout)

7. Parking at most of the locations is difficult to come by during peak hours as well (which is not fun during inclement weather)

8. All customer service requests are handled online (forget about speaking to anyone in person or on the phone)

Don’t let them lure you in. Jersey can be strong without the trap of WOW.


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